What is Placemaking?
Commander of the Heights Regeneration | Public Use | Castria Design


A broad notion and a practical technique for enhancing a neighbourhood, city or region, placemaking urges people to think about public spaces collectively and to redefine them as the core of all communities.

Placmaking refers to a collaborative process through which we may change our public domain to maximise common value and to strengthen the link between people and places they share them. Placemaking allows creative patterns, not only encouraging better urban design, but also paying close attention to the physical, cultural and social identities which define the site and promote its further development.

The successful placemaking process capitalises on the resources, inspiration and potential of local communities with community engagement at its core and leads to the construction of great public places that contribute to the health, happiness and well-being of the people.

Commander of the Heights Regeneration | Public Use | Castria Design


A springboard for community revival might be the approach to public space project. Castria’s placemaking principles give guidance to assist communities, combine many views into a unified vision, convert this vision into a plan and a programme of uses, and guarantee that the plan is sustainably implemented. To make a joint vision a reality – a genuinely fantastic location needs to find the patience to take little steps and to listen honestly and to look at what works best in a given environment.

Just as it is critical to have mutual awareness of how excellent sites promote effective social networks and benefit different actors and efforts, so is community involvement critical for the placing process. Together with our principles and other instruments for changing places, our residents have helped bring huge improvements to their communities — improvements that are frequently considerably more broad than the initial vision envisioned.

Placemaking focuses on the numerous ways in which the physical, social, environmental, cultural and even spiritual elements of a place are connected, and we are inspired by the visionary placemakers who have worked throughout the centuries for promoting this vision.