Our quality management system has been audited and certified to meet the requirements of ISO9001: Quality Management. Through better procedures, technology and legal reforms, we can minimise the risk by applying these internationally recognised best-practice standards.

How do we gather information from you?

Our website: You can visit our website without providing personal details, but certain information, such as IP addresses, information about your visit and how you use our website, can be automatically collected by Google Analytics or equivalent.

If you visit our office: You will be asked to give your name and the company you work for. The reception records this information manually for safety reasons, so that we know who is in the building at any time. These records are shredded monthly.

What type of information is collected from you?
We may require your name, company address, e-mail address, phone number, and other details about yourself to enable us to offer you our services.

How does your information get used?
We use personal information when we collect it from our customers and other members of the public for the following purposes:

  • We will maintain responsible commercial relationships with you
  • Determining your needs in the service and / or project
  • Our business and operations are managed and developed
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Changes to our services
  • If appropriate, processing of a job application
  • Recommended your product or service to relevant contacts in the industry.

We hold certain types of information in order to fulfil our legal obligations. We hold your personal information in our systems for as long as necessary for the relevant activity.
We will use your personal details only for the above purposes if you give them to us voluntarily. If we wish to use your personal details for a purpose other than those mentioned above, we will seek your express consent.

Who will it be shared with?
We will not share your information with third parties beyond those mentioned above.

Your rights
We will hold your personal information, but you can ask us not to process it. You can exercise that right by contacting us at

Please note that this privacy statement does not apply to links to other websites that may be contained on our website. We accept no responsibility or liability for their policies.

We will provide you with the opportunity to verify and correct the information we collect about you. Please email us at if your details change or any other information we hold is inaccurate or outdated.

Castria takes reasonable technical and organisational measures to ensure that your personal data are secure. We store all personal information you provide on our secure server.
We restrict access to data to those who need it to fulfil their duties.

All Castria systems comply with the Cyber Essentials standard as described below:

  • We use 2-step verification of all our software to ensure that only the authorised person has access to it.
  • All our computers are password-protected and, if lost, can be disabled remotely, securing any data.
  • We use firewalls to protect our network and stop the breach of our data.
  • We run antivirus and anti-ransomware software, which is automatically updated with the latest security technology.
  • We regularly backup our data.

Castria offers Internet access while you are in their offices. Our corporate data is securely configured to be separated from the Internet. As a guest, you are asked to log in to a secure portal that allows you access to the Internet. We do not store any information about your connection or the sites you visit.

16 or Under
We do not collect personally identifiable information from children aged 16 or under without the previous verifiable consent of their parents / guardians.

Data Breaches and reporting
If a potential data breach becomes clear, Castria will endeavour to report this to the ICO within 72 hours of becoming aware of the data breach. If the data breach is likely to damage the reputation of a person, cause a financial loss, a loss of confidentiality or a major financial or social disadvantage, this is the case. If the breach is likely to pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subject, Castria will contact the data subject within a reasonable time.

If you suspect a data breach, you should report it to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) by calling the Personal Data breach assistance number 0303 123 1113.

Castria is committed to providing high quality architectural, civil and structural engineering design services to all our customers. All our work is carried out to the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Castria’s ethos is to offer its customers a single point of contact and design services for a wide range of built environment services. Continuing compliance will maintain these high standards with ISO9001, including thorough quality assessments, staff training and performance assessments.

A particular focus is on providing the customer with safe, sustainable, value-driven design solutions and quality.
The aim of the QA policy is to give our team clear instructions that are necessary to facilitate the planning and execution of projects of the necessary quality, and meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001

Castria is committed to promoting the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of our clients’ community and the community in which we operate. Employees at all levels are encouraged to support local organisations and schools.
Castria’s senior management takes into account and reviews current issues of corporate and social responsibility, and reports quarterly to raise awareness of these issues throughout the practice. Not only regularly reviews new issues, but Castria is also mindful of monitoring the operation of its current initiatives. Castria aims to ensure that employees remain informed and engaged in current CSR issues and improvements.

Castria pursues an equality and diversity policy, that encourages recruitment of people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to work in our industry. We offer flexible working conditions and training agreements, that have created employment opportunities for people who might otherwise be exposed to long-term unemployment, for example those with high care responsibilities and new parents. We believe in providing opportunities to all, regardless of their ability. We help identify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

We work with local universities and colleges to give undergraduates work experience, training and job opportunities to find permanent employment. Graduates are offered mentoring to gain professional recognition or membership in institutions. Refer to the Equality Policy for more guidelines on equal employment opportunities.

Our policy has always been to “focus on attitude and train for skills,” which means we have recruited people into aspirational positions and provided support, guidance and on-the-job training to develop their skills, self-confidence and experience.

For example, we have hired people who do not have a background or training in the construction industry, and have offered them the opportunity to fulfil their goals through training based on their attitude and not their skills. This is in line with Cornwall’s Local Enterprise Partnership’s Strategy to create high-quality, well-paid jobs that increase productivity in the county.

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and PPN AN 14 / 15, Castria aims to support local economies where possible by employing and working with local suppliers, either local to our offices or local to our customers and their projects. This includes both services and consumables and means that if we are awarded long-term contracts in new geographical areas, we are looking to recruit or partner with local delivery consultants and suppliers. This not only boosts local economies, but also improves project efficiency and environmental considerations by reducing travel time and the impact on the environment.

Castria continues to promote sustainability in our role as heritage specialists, including environmental, social or economic sustainability. Where possible, Castria strives to eliminate inefficiency and waste from the work we do, and to carry that commitment to all our projects, which is also reflected in the company’s daily operations. Castria strives for minimal impact and waste, and always strives to deliver projects with energy-efficient solutions at the forefront. Castria is proud of the knowledge that the way we restore and build today will eventually improve the quality of life of people in future generations.

Castria values its reputation for doing its business in an honest and ethical manner, and takes a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. Castria is committed to professional, impartial and integrity in all its business activities and relationships, wherever it works. This policy defines our ethical business practices and codes of conduct. It applies to all employees, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, the public and investors in all our operations.

Policy Objectives
As a professional and registered service provider, we have a duty to act responsibly and with consideration to show the highest level of ethical and moral stewardship. The objectives of this policy are:

  • Support our commitment to be responsible and to develop mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our stakeholders based on trust and cooperation;
  • To treat all our stakeholders appropriately; and
  • Promote safe and fair working conditions, including responsible management of environmental and social issues within our supply chain by ensuring that our suppliers comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct, our policies and other legal requirements.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct of the RIBA, the ICE and the Landscape Institute, as well as in terms of finance, procurement and sustainability.

Castria takes its commitment to modern slavery seriously, both in this country and abroad. We will not work with clients, suppliers or business partners who do not have sufficient controls to prevent modern slavery or trafficking in their business or supply chain in a way that at least meets the 2015 act.

Relationships with our customers and suppliers abroad are invaluable to us. Various standards are applied to our work and we agree to abide by a number of principles, including:

  • Anti-forced labour (governed by UNHCR)
  • Minimum age policies and anti-child labour
  • The European Convention on Human Rights
  • The European (anti) Money Laundering Convention

These ensure that the people with whom we deal are socially responsible and compatible with our ethos as a company. When dealing first with new customers, we carry out financial and other research and due diligence to ensure that they are able to work with and comply with the principles of our business and maintain our reputation.

Castria is committed to equal opportunities. All employees, company representatives and organisations working on behalf of the company have a role to play in achieving this, and the company is committed to ensuring that individuals are aware of their personal responsibility to follow and support the equality policy.

The company strives to ensure that its employees, customers, customers and suppliers do not suffer discrimination or harassment of any kind or at any time when working or dealing with Castria. We believe that working in an environment where diversity and equality are encouraged leads to a better understanding of our colleagues, the management team, customers, customers and suppliers and to a more harmonious workplace.

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How do we use cookies?
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