Marine Engineering | Waterfronts

Castria creates and implements port infrastructure projects for clients in the United Kingdom and the South West. We assist port operators with port expansion planning, reclamation projects, new port facility design, inspection and management of existing marine structures, wharf refurbishment and reconfiguration, heavy duty pavement design, port valuations, and infrastructure advice.

Because of our extensive operating experience and practical understanding of deterioration and decay in wood and concrete, we have a solid reputation for delivering dependable, cost-effective, and functional project solutions.

Castria can provide design, inspection and evaluation services for all types of marine structures. Employing engineers with specialist marine capabilities and commercial diving qualifications enables us to provide expertise even below the low water mark.  We have carried out inspections of many maritime structures including seawalls, jetties, Basins, Docks and Culverts.  Combined with our other specialities we are able to provide comprehensive reports on subjects as diverse as seawall stability, berthing loads, accelerated low water corrosion and the environmental impact of marine projects.

Portsmouth Upper Harbour Ammunitioning Facility


Specialisations include survey and assessment of historic dry docks, lock gates and caissons, together with remediation/upgrade advice.


Our practice is organised into multidisciplinary teams focused on producing intelligent,
innovative design solutions across an array of sectors.